The Production of Evidence


The Production of Evidence exposes the potential for evidence to be produced by Police using body worn video cameras BWV. The project advocates new forms of visual jurisprudence, and better visual literacy amongst the police, and public in the field of police body worn video. The project comes in response to the current trend and growth of BWV within police forces, both in the UK and worldwide. The project also references a more general shift and precedence of images in the justice system.


Body worn video has the potential to revolutionise policing. It can provide new insight into complex situations, and even prevent violent crime and abuse before it happens. The notion however, that the technology can provide an objective viewpoint, one that is without the potential for bias is not true. Images as we know are inherently subjective, with a strong emotional logic surrounding them. Our opinions and understandings of the world are established and reinforced by popular culture. This is no less true in the legal sphere with shows like The Bill and CSI skewing our expectations of reality wildly.


The Production of Evidence advocates new forms of visual jurisprudence or visual literacy – an understanding of the layers of production and affect, which are instilled within images.


Through the process consultation and production, experts from film and TV were able to discuss topics such as authenticity, deception and objectivity in relation to filmed media. In doing so, exposing subjects at the very heart of their craft and now at the very heart of our legal sphere. Through these discussions and experiments the sometimes subtle, processes and methods that could be used to create more compelling or visually arresting footage were exposed.




MA Design Products RCA graduation project.

Selected for presentation at SHOW RCA Private View.

Final documentary film click here for link

Recording ADR 

Object close up

Alternative choreography

Framing the suspect

Putting 180° rule into practice


Discussing sound with sound recordist

Capturing arresting sound effects - cuffs close to mic