Stalla Libra Spielhaus


The Spielhaus gallery – once a disused barn – was transformed with the creation of a number of large scale games to a community 'play-space'

for both the local children and visitors to the town (a popular tourist destination).

This collaborative month-long project involved the design and build of a series of interactive games for the Stalla Libra Art Space in the Swiss alpine town Sedrun. 



In collaboration with 15 other RCA graduates. 

Stalla Libra Speilhaus was supported by the Swiss tourism board 

Curated by Fabio Hendry

Stalla Libra Art Space exterior

Early build stage

'No Rules' game

'Ludum' game

'Ludum' game during build stage

'Metzgerei' game - in the fridge!

'Alternative Alpine Fussball' game