POST 1: 11/11/20

Making some sort of ‘public facing’ space/site for some of the stuff (image, thoughts, references, links etc.) related to my PhD research has been on my to-do list for a while and have finally pulled my finger out...

To give a little bit of background: I’m a designer researching police use of body-worn video cameras (BWCs). Simply, I’m interested in how design (methods/processes/practices) can be used to understand and shed light on the technology. More broadly, I’m also interested in the relationship between design, crime and crime control– hence the name [1] – so you can expect a range of things to be posted on here but generally related to policing, crime, surveillance, technology and design.

I intend this site to function a bit like a journal and will try to update regularly (perhaps weekly). If you're interested in anything on here feel free to drop me an email or get me on Twitter

I'm going to make the bulk if this post a separate about page but I thought it best to start with an explanation.

I've got a bunch of stuff that I aim to 'dump' here before moving on to some more polished posts...

[1] – I will do a post on Hal Fosters ‘Design and Crime: And Other Diatribes’ at some point.